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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Things to cut from your wedding to save Money. Save The Money For Your Honeymoo

Every bride has her list of must-haves for her wedding day: breath-taking dress, stunning centrepieces, flawless hair and makeup. But quite a few of them can actually be scratched off because they’re not only unnecessary but also a huge waste of money. So before you start ticking items off your to-do list and throwing around wads of cash, check out our list of 11 things you don’t really need for the big day. Trust us, your wedding will still be perfect without them!


1. Menu Cards

At a sit-down dinner, the waiter usually tells guests the choices for dinner–and it’s almost always chicken, beef or fish. A buffet also comes with servers who can explain each dish. So unless you’re serving a super elaborate tasting menu or ethnic foods that need to be described in detail to everyone, this is an expense you can skip.

2. An Aisle Runner

The white aisle runner is so over–especially if you’re getting married indoors and don’t have to worry about grass stains on your dress. If that’s the case, don’t bother–this is an item that will be used for a few minutes during the ceremony, you’ll only use it once, and there’s also a good chance someone can trip on it if it’s not laid down properly. Why bother?

3. Save the Dates

Don’t feel obligated to order save the dates and then spend even more money mailing them out (trust us, yo’’ll spend plenty on postage when you send out your invites). Chances are good you told your nearest and dearest the date the minute you booked anyway–and everyone else will make it a point to be there if they want to, with or without the reminder.

4. Designer Shoes

Some brides feel obligated to go all out on their wedding day shoes (thanks Carrie Bradshaw). But think about: If you’re wearing a gown, who is really going to see your shoes?

5. A Guestbook

This is an item that often gets left on a shelf to collect dust over the years. Instead, get creative and have guests sign something you can make part of your newlywed home’s décor. One musical couple had family and friends sign a guitar they proudly displayed in their first house, while another used a wood letter in their last name’s initial that they could hang on their wall.

6. An Expensive Cake

Many brides and grooms are opting for cupcakes, pies or a dessert bar in lieu of a pricey wedding cake. We’ll admit, though, that a beautiful cake can really be a work of art and a focal point at the reception, so who can blame you if you have your heart set on one? If that’s the case, simply ask your baker to decorate Styrofoam tiers to place on display, and have sheet cakes in the kitchen that will actually be cut and served to guests. This can save you big money.

7. A Post-Wedding Brunch

If a friend or family member offers to throw you one, great! If not, then don’t feel obligated to feed your guests yet another meal. The one exception: If you’re having a destination wedding and want to thank your guests for (literally) going that extra mile.

8. Favors

Unless it’s an edible favor (and those Jordan almonds don’t count), the majority of guests are not going to have any use for that favor you spent a fortune on. If you want to do something to thank guests for attending, make a donation to charity and put a note in your wedding program.

9. Wedding Gifts to Each Other

At the very least, you’re paying for wedding rings and a honeymoon, so another piece of jewelry for either one you is totally unnecessary (although some designer luggage for that trip would be nice!). After all, you’re giving each other the best gift of all–becoming husband and wife.

10. A Wedding Planner

While a pro can definitely come in handy–especially if you’re getting hitched in another location–you probably don’t need one for the entire planning process. If you want to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch and you can enjoy the event stress-free, consider hiring a day-off coordinator.

11. Chair Covers

Guests will rarely comment on how pretty a chair looks. What they will complain about? If those chairs are super uncomfortable, so focus on that instead of fancy covers.


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